Parent Testimonials

Chanel Turnquest, A proud parent

Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School (SASCS) fosters an environment where it’s “cool” for students to be smart. All four of my children are different yet they all seem to set the same goal to excel at school. The teachers care about the students and go that extra mile to help students: they stay after school to tutor students, offer free SAT Prep, develop relationships with parents and have academic school on Saturdays. My children always want to be involved in all the school activities.

"My son traveled to Japan with his teachers, one of the many abroad options Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School makes available to their students."Chanel Turnquest

At SYRACUSE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, the children are encouraged to participate in curriculum based Fairs. They have the opportunity to compete in Math Counts, Science Olympiad, different science competitions; state, regional and nationally. My son traveled to Japan with his teachers, one of the many abroad options Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School makes available to their students. The SYRACUSE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE students are college bond and the counselors assist them with their endeavors. Students take advantage of the college tours, assistance with applying for scholarships; partake in Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School hosted college fairs. Syracuse Academy of Science faculty even assist parents with filling out financial aid forms and host informational sessions for parents on helping their children plan their courses for AP classes, the ACT and SAT Exams. Many thanks to Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School, my eldest son is attending the LC Smith School of Engineering at Syracuse University.

Ardena Harvey, A proud parent

Brenda Houde, A proud parent


My husband & I could not be happier with our choice of SAS for both of our boys. We were unhappy with the schools that they were previously attending and couldn’t afford to send them to private school, so we decided to try SAS, and have been so pleasantly surprised! Our two sons ages 14 & 11 also love this school! They are so proud to be students at SAS and I have overheard them trying to recruit some of their friends who go to public schools to join them.

I am not quite sure where to begin when I tell you how much I LOVE THIS SCHOOL.

"SAS is amazing and we are so happy & proud to be a part of the SAS family."Brenda Houde

I love it for so very many reasons!! The teachers and staff are GREAT! I feel as close to them as I do my own family, their care & concern is overwhelming and so comforting. Every teacher & staff member that my 2 boys are in contact with go ABOVE & BEYOND all of our expectations, and all that they are “required ” to do as teachers.

Every teacher called me at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves to my husband & I, they gave us their cell phone numbers and their e-mail addresses, and told us not to hesitate to call them if ever we needed anything or had any questions. I have gotten “great job” emails from them, telling me how well one of the boys are doing. They also make it a policy to do a home visit, ALL THE WAY TO TULLY !! where they sat down with us, outlined the year ahead & told us their goals for the boys and asked if we had any concerns regarding anything.

My oldest son has been attending SAS for 2 years now and absolutely loves it! He loves all of his teachers and has made some amazing friends, all who share similar goals. At his entrance exam interview he told Mr. Hayali (the education director) that he wanted to go to Harvard or Yale to become a neurosurgeon. From that day forward every one of his teachers have been directing him and gearing him towards his future goals by putting him in the best classes suited for his educational needs. He goes to school every Saturday, not because he has to, but, because he wants to! Has been on the math counts team, ( which he helped the team win first place in the regional competition last year) Science Olympiad, where they placed 4th in his category and this year he is also doing SAT prep. ( in 9th grade!) In his previous school his intelligence was not regarded as an asset, it was almost a disability and he was not encouraged by his teachers at all to strive for his dreams of becoming a doctor, here at SAS, every teacher & staff member that he knows are helping him towards his goals.

My youngest son could not wait to join his brother at SAS and when they announced last year that they would be adding an elementary school, we were one of the first families in line for the entrance exam. He passed with flying colors and has not looked back ever since. He had struggled at his previous public & parochial school and we were starting to get worried that there was a bigger problem than we knew about. After telling my concerns to Mr. Hyalai he assured me that he and all of my son’s teachers would work with him and get him up to where he should be. His first report card was good, but there were some areas that still needed improvement. TODAY he brought home his report card with all A’s & B’s… AND he raised his grades so much so that he got on the Dean’s list!

We live in Tully and transportation has been a big challenge for us. My husband & I both work 1 to 1.5 hours away and our district only provides busing to school, so there are times when the boys are at school until 5:30 PM. While they are there for another 1- 1.5 hours after the school day has ended , they will hang out with their favorite teachers, doing homework, getting tutored or just talking, I have never had the experience that the kids WANT to stay in school and hang out with their teachers! I believe that they have made life-long friends, not only with their classmates, but the teachers & staff as well !

SAS is amazing and we are so happy & proud to be a part of the SAS family.

Mr. & Mrs. Tumino, proud parents

Mary O'Neill, A proud parent

My name is Mary O’Neill, my daughter Grace is in Ms. Lawrence and Ms. Cox’s First Grade Class. I want to start by saying how thrilled my husband and I are with Grace’s teachers and your school. So Kudos to Ms. Lawrence and Ms. Cox!

Friday, the First Graders came to my place of employment, Clare Bridge of Manlius, an Assisted Living Community for people with Alzheimer’s Dementia. What a huge success!! I am a Recreation Therapist by trade but am now the Executive Director of our community. I have lead many Inter-generational Programs before, but have to say this ranks at the top. The kids were extremely well mannered and behaved. Each class was in a dining room sitting with residents making Valentine crafts and then having a snack together. The key word being “together.” The students and seniors engaged each other in an amazing way, bridging the gap between generations. My residents were smiling, laughing, singing, and socializing which some days does not happen as their disease has stripped them of these emotions.

"I want to start by saying how thrilled my husband and I are with Grace’s teachers and your school."Mary O'Neill

The Grand Finale took place in our Town Square where we gathered both classes and several residents to sing a very special Happy Birthday to one of my residents whose birthday happened to be today… her 100th Birthday!! What a special treat to have 50 children sing to you on your 100th Birthday. Of course the morning wouldn’t be complete without the kids Winter Concert Songs, (so please give a shout out to Ms. Plunkett). This was truly a very special morning for our residents and community here at Clare Bridge. Several of my staff have since come up to me saying how well behaved the children were and how much our residents enjoyed them.

So thank you to your teachers, students and you for your great work at SAS. We welcome First Grade and any other grade to come and visit us again!


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